Hardware - Current Probe


(Original request in Ticket #79561)

"Your product gets used heavily by my company and serves as a communication bridge between our EE, factory and FW groups. One item that is lacking, however, is the ability to measure current consumption, especially if high gain is desired to maintain the system PDN (otherwise, we could probably just use two saleae channels and take the difference). Our solution is to put a set of CSAs on our dev platforms to fill this gap, but that's not ideal. We could build a custom board for this, but there is a lot of benefit in the ability to purchase a solid, known compatible design from someone else that will handle all of the manufacturing logistics.

Are there any plans to either release an accessory or new system that has the ability to measure 1 or more current channels?"

Use case info:

"I work on a lot of smaller battery powered systems. For most of these systems, I am generally looking at peak currents under 50 mA, a target accuracy of ±0.1 mA and a sample rate of at least 10 ksps (20 to 50 ksps would be awesome). The sample rate is key to extract shorter duration events of interest. Also important if the shunt resistor is built into this device is that it has minimal impact on the PDN. Hard to say what the maximum allowed voltage drop would be, but generally between 10 mV and 100 mV, depending on the sensitivity of the rail. That would cover more than 99% of the system rails for my products.

There are times where I might be looking at higher currents of up to 3 A and in this case an accuracy of around ±50 mA is more than sufficient. This is also rather rare and only supporting lower currents wouldn’t be a dealbreaker."