Allow creation of "analog" traces based off of protocol analyzer results


Enable protocol analyzers to output one or many numerical values that can be displayed as an analog trace.

This would help look at protocols that are sending data periodically to be decoded and looks at how the values are changing over time.


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Rani Horev

We're definitely planning on building this :)
No timeline though, might take a while

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That is awesome. Can't wait.

Peter Jaquiery

If this were an HLA ability (to generate data for an analog trace) it would provide some major power for visualizing all sorts of data including simply showing decoded protocol analyzer output.

Collin's analog to digital gels pretty well with this idea and "simply" becomes an HLA feature (analog channel as data source).

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Collin Kidder

So you mean being able to do something like take a serial stream that encodes temperatures and turn the readings into analog values that then plot on an analog channel? Interesting, I like the idea. Actually, it's nearly the inverse of a feature request I had where analog values would be allowed to be turned into digital outputs. I think both could be two sides of a common SDK where one is allowed to take in one or more channels as input and output one or more channels as output. That probably requires quite a bit of extra work but it'd be cool.


Rani Horev

Status changed to: Planned