Allow single HLA to generate multiple bubble tracks


Original request below:

"Any idea if we’ll be able to add multiple tracks of bubbles? I’d love to output the raw bytes on separate tracks. I’d prefer to have multiple tracks from a single HLA. That way the settings are shared for the HLA."

Current Workaround:
You can use multiple instances of the same HLA to accomplish the same goal. This idea would be more of a "quality-of-life" feature so that you could skip this step and easily manage settings via a single HLA.

Use case:
"Generally, I’d like to have different bubble tracks for different things. One for the commands, one for the raw data (more like what the SPI LLA gives) and one for errors. That would allow one to better survey the full analysis. (Like easily finding errors.)"


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Peter Jaquiery

I don't think the title matches the description. I see both as desirable features, but they are quite different.

1/ Allow a single HLA to use data from multiple inputs and low level analyzers (implied by the title)
2/ Allow a single HLA to generate bubble text for multiple input traces (implied by the description)

I have a feeling 1/ has been addressed by and Idea already.



Thanks! I just updated it, and also added more notes on the current workaround and use case