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Pervasive channel colors

It would be nice to repeat the channel assigned color in the configuration panel, as it's easier to match the wire color to the channel selection than mere digits.

The same idea would also apply to other location where channels are tracked, but these ideas have already be submitted. To sum up: use channel color wherever channel info is shown.

  • eblot
  • Jul 11 2018
  • Needs review
  • Adrian commented
    04 May 15:07

    My usual method is:  1.  Hook random channels up to the signals I want, 2. Select the channels I'm using in the analyzer.  Usually the number on the wire isn't visible in this step, so it's a hassle to figure out which channels I'm using, when showing the wire color in the channel selection dialog would make it so much easier.  

  • Admin
    Joe Garrison commented
    06 May 16:54

    Thanks Adrian - will make it happen.