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Use a keyboard button to start/stop capture eg. Capslock

Connect the start/stop recording to the capslock (numlock or scroll lock).


This will permit capture without having to point the mouse on a screen, and in fact doesn't require to view the screen at all.  A finger can be kept on the button to start/stop at will.  The LED on keyboard provides the visual indication.

This will help where the configuration is that the computer running saleae is on a KVM switch and the target system is part of a different computer.  Then, by simply adding a direct keyboard to the saleae computer, it's ok to loose sight of or take your eyes off the saleae software. 


If someone wanted, they could take this to the next level and wire a foot switch to a keyboard and have both hands free.


Otherwise, thank you for a very useful tool!

  • Josh
  • Oct 8 2019
  • Already exists
  • Admin
    Tim Reyes commented
    October 08, 2019 23:58

    Thanks for the feedback! We have existing keyboard shortcuts to start and stop captures. Do these work out for you?

    Start a Capture: CTRL-R

    Stop a Capture: ESC or Enter (presses the Stop button)

    Here is a list of all our keyboard shortcuts:

    Otherwise, we de have a user who posted an idea for customizable shortcuts here:

  • Josh commented
    October 09, 2019 18:40



    Thanks!  Yes, that helps!  Sorry I didn't RTFM.

    Can I change my suggestion to writing <Ctrl>-R under the "START" button?


    Have a great day!



  • Admin
    Tim Reyes commented
    October 09, 2019 21:35

    Good to hear! We are looking into making keyboard shortcuts and general functionality much more obvious to the user in a complete refresh of our software.

    Specifically, I don't think we will write out <Ctrl>-R under the START button per say, but we may include hovering tool tips or a dedicated "help", which will better explain features of our software.