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Reading and Writing an SPI EEPROM device?

If I have the logic analyzer attached, in-circuit, to my SPI EEPROM (AT25080) monitoring my controllers SPI memory accesses, and if I know my controller is not accessing the device (no CS, CLK, DI/DO - lets assume I can make these lines go hi-z and I'm using an emulator to breakpoint my software), can I setup the Saleae logic analyzer to read/write the SPI device so I can verify my hardware/software can read/write the device correctly? The other benefit I can get form this, if I can write my EEPROM, I can insert faulted data then resume my software to validate fault handling. Thoughts?

  • Peter
  • Sep 9 2019
  • Needs review
  • Admin
    Tim Reyes commented
    12 Sep 23:28

    Unfortunately our current hardware doesn't support data output.

    Our friend Jonathan just came out with this device that can record and play back SPI, I2C, etc: ( You might be able to utilize this to talk to your SPI EEPROM.

    Data output is something we are considering for our next-gen hardware.