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Add option for memoryesk limits when adjusting recording duration

It would be nice if there is an alternative for duration. Instead of giving a number of seconds or samples to record, there should be optionally a memoryesk limit like "stop when … G/M/kBytes used" or "stop when there is no more than … G/M/kBytes free physical memory left". Ideally, they shall be simultaneous active, in a manner like "whichever occurs first".

  • Peter
  • Sep 2 2019
  • Needs review
  • Peter commented
    02 Sep 08:24

    Maybe, depending on data rate due to user's particular application, also "XX bytes free swap/virtual memory left" is a sensible option.

  • Admin
    Joe Garrison commented
    04 Sep 20:11

    Thanks Peter! The plan for the next generation software is to limit the capture to a user-specified memory size. Right now the Alpha software has this hard-coded to 2GB. This limits the size of the real-time circular buffer mode as well.

    Exactly - "whichever occurs first"

  • Peter commented
    05 Sep 07:05

    Hi Joe, to me, being only a very occasionally visitor an hence not well versed in your (online site) building, this kind of link to feels not very helpful. I'd some conservation with Tim some days ago and he also gave me this link. I'd encourage you to give deep links, so the occasionally visitor needn't "meander through the corridor", but instead lands directly in the right discussion thread.

    2 GB?! I remember we once upgraded one of our computers from 4 to 8 GB, hoping to be able to do longer captures.

  • Admin
    Joe Garrison commented
    09 Sep 21:12

    Hi Peter, sorry about that. '' is our portal for the Alpha software, in case you wanted to try it out. However it's not something you'd want to use for your day job yet so you may wish to steer clear. Otherwise, the latest alpha software as of today is here:

    Re: 2GB, this is just the current Alpha default, it will be user settable and probably default to ~75% of your physical memory.