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Single click on decode protocol shows position, Double click zooms to frame

Currently when clicking the decode protocol, the view is zoomed to show only the frame/message that was decoded but usually you don't want to see the message take all the screen and so much zoom makes you loose context.

I propose that it is usually of interest to know where the decoded frame is located at your current zoom level. So, for a single click the zoom level is preserved but a marker or line shows where the message is and its time, a double click will zoom and show the frame entirely.

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  • Apr 11 2019
  • Needs review
  • Saleae Admin commented
    April 24, 2019 21:50

    Agreed.  Zooming immediately is not a good experience.  I like the idea of highlighting the entry if it is on screen.  What if it isn't on screen? - curious if you had something in mind you wanted to see there, or if you don't think it's important to show anything in that case.

    The first place you'll see a fix for this is in the Alpha software.  Check it out around ~July and give us some feedback on how we've addressed this case - there's a good chance we will have by then imo.

  • Guest commented
    April 25, 2019 05:22

    I think in that case the zoom level must be preserved (or reduced to fit the frame), then center and highlight the clicked decoded frame, so it appears on screen.

    Just got the idea that a mouse hover over the decode protocol list can highlight the frames on screen without affecting the zoom level or position! then if clicked the highlight would toggle remain/removed That would give very rapid feedback

    It would be great to see that in the next Alpha!

  • Guest commented
    April 25, 2019 14:01

    To summarize (and adding a bit), my ideal behavior would be something like this:

    • Hoover on the decode list: Highlights the entry where the mouse is over only if entry is on screen, doesn't change zoom or time.
      Highlight is showed as long as the mouse is over the decode list entry, if moved to another list entry highlight updates, if mouse moves away from decode panel highlight is removed.
    • Click on decode list: If entry is on screen highlights it, doesn't change zoom or time. If entry is not on screen, then time is changed so entry is centered but zoom is preserved.
      Clicking will keep the highlight, until another entry is clicked or if the same entry is clicked: it will unset the keep highlighted.
    • If there was an entry clicked so it is highlighted, and you hover over the decoded list both entries must be highlighted (the clicked one and the one below the cursor decode list)
    • Double click on decode list: Zooms to the entry extents (current one click behaviour), sets the entry to be highlighted.
    • Right click gives the options to add time marker A1 or time marker A2 at beginning of frame, without changing zoom or position.

    Maybe too much but even some of this will be very appreciated and quite useful.


  • Admin
    Joe Garrison commented
    April 25, 2019 21:43

    Great list Luis, very similar to the one I put together a couple days ago.  We'll be doing something along these lines for sure.

    I think instead of double-click we may use a context sensitive "goto" button, but same idea.

    Interesting idea about placing markers relative to frames - even if they are off screen using only the table entries. I like it.