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Calibration status pictogram

In my company we use a lot of 16-channel Saleae (30+).

Having accurate results is manadatory and we have to verify each time we use one saleae that it is calibrated. 

So, the current procedure is to go to Options -> preferences, then click on Calibration info tab and check that calibration file is correct.

This procedure is a pain and some developper may skip it which is not acceptable from my company point of view.


My proposal is quite simple : Display a warning pictogram when calibration file of the connected saleae is unknown or any problem is detected. A green light would be also a good bonus, to let the user know that everything is ok.


This will be very useful for us and probably for all users (even if they don't really mind calibration).


Hope this help



Frederic B.

  • Guest
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Needs review