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"Go to" a time in the display

I do a lot of analysis comparing the Saleae waveform display with data derived from the CSV file. They are linked through the timestamps. So in going from one to the other it would be nice to be able to...

1. ..."go to" an exact time in the waveform display; Perhaps right-clicking the timing marker flag could bring up a "go to" prompt for a time, which could you paste (CTRL-V) a number into.

2. ...highlight and copy (CTRL-C) the time of a marker from the Annotations pane, so that I can paste it into a search box for my other data. It's tedious and error-prone to manually type in a 10-digit number that is hard to read from a light gray font on a dark gray background.(Alternatively, right-clicking the timing marker flag could have "copy time to clipboard" as one of the options.)

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  • Oct 19 2018
  • Needs review