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Allow more subtle zoom.

At the moment the zoom seems clunky. It changes by large amounts.

This causes me problems when I am debugging SPI or other protocols where the decoding is placed on the signal in the main window.

This causes me problems in that I can fill my screen with the Logic window and see the whole trace but there is some dead time at each end of the trace and Logic blanks the decoded information because it thinks it would be too small to read. When I zoom in, Logic jumps to a higher zoom ans now I can read the decoded information but the whole trace no longer fills the screen.


Being able to zoom in more subtly to a point where I can fit the whole trace in, with no dead space and Logic still decodes the protocol and adds the text would be a very useful addition. There is screen space for this but the current jumping zoom mode makes it impossible.

  • Guest
  • Sep 17 2018
  • Needs review