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Parallel (or any other) analyzer state identification

We are using the Logic16 Pro for simultaneously tracking up to 8 state machines in software. We use free microcontroller outputs to make up the clock(s) and the data. It is much better than standard debuggers because we can follow the system's states in real-time and with any real-time input(s).

Since the states change at any time we may end up with very short (timewise) states followed or preceded with much longer states. Since the state's value is only shown in the center of the state (timewise), it is impossible to simultaneously read the adjacent states'  values in the actual state examined as well as those of the other state machines'  (if present), which imposes a continual zooming in and out to try en see (and remember) the actual values around the examined state. Which results in considerable loss of time and concentration, as weel as frequent crashes of the Logic Analyzer's software.

I would suggest that the states' values be shown whenever possible, whatever the zoom level. It would represent a huge improvement in efficiency in using the Logic16 Pro.

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  • Sep 8 2018
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