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offer more flexible wiring

If I'm using the test probes on points where they can't grab very well, the slightest movement can make them pop off. It would help if you offered more flexible, smaller gauge, wires. I can appreciate the compromise between making them flexible and making them last, but I'm sure you could find something better. Also, it would be good if we could leave off the ground wires we don't need. How about allowing each wire to unplug separately from the connector, or just giving us a kit so we can build our own?

  • Dev
  • Jul 11 2018
  • Needs review
  • Guest commented
    July 11, 2018 20:21

    Hey, this is a great idea. Sorry about the test clips and wires. We'll take note of this for future hardware.

    By the way, if you wanted to leave off ground wires, you can buy an extra set of our wire harness below:

    That way, you can decide to cut off the extra GND wires for those.

    Also, our Logic products use industry standard 0.1 inch headers, so you can certainly make your own wire harnesses. On the wire end, we use standard molex crimps.

    For extremely tightly spaced pins, you'll probably want to solder a thin wire-wrap type of wire, and use Logic's test clip to connect to that wire to get a solid connection.

    Alternately you can invest in some extremely small pitch test clips such as these: