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Add MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Decoding

I would love to see an analyzer for MIDI, I am working on a PIC project and am trying to get a program to output MIDI data. An analyzer which shows if I am sending what I think I am would be great. Since MIDI and DMX are VERY close I don't think a real programmer would have much trouble with this request. Since I am only a hobbiest/hack it is WAY over my head.

  • Bill Rau
  • Jul 11 2018
  • Already exists
  • Karsten commented
    July 11, 2018 21:28


    Well: it´s better to say "never" than one week and do nothing! I´m also waiting for a MIDI analyser.
    Please be so kind and let us know about the real state of it´s implementation....

    Thanks a lot

  • bertje commented
    July 11, 2018 21:28

    When will this finally come? It was already promised in the Q&A video from 18 oktober 2013(!), and I quote: "MIDI, actually, should be out in a WEEK."

    Some week that is, right?!