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Preventing "couldn't keep up" error

Possible solution for high sample rates + waiting for trigger = "couldn't keep up" error

It would be easy to implement a HW trigger interrupt on the MCU, that starts the stream, instead of polling on PC and SW checking edge changes.

Or start at low sample rate, and when trigger happened fast switch to high sample rate.

  • KisCsillag
  • Jul 11 2018
  • Needs review
  • Anders commented
    July 11, 2018 21:23

    This is a duplicate of "Trigger in hardware instead of software". Please vote for that one!!!

  • Anders commented
    July 11, 2018 21:23

    Now that you have that spiffy Spartan-6, let's put it to work! Should be relatively easy to do at least simple triggers in the FPGA.