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Multiple ideas...

Create menu items for all keyboard and mouse-click functions. Indicate in the menu what the shortcut key is.
There is no menu for the time markers. One has to read the docs to find out about them.
Preferences for alternative shortcut keys would be welcome.
The "last used channel" should be visibly selected so that the user is aware of which channel is in control of N and P movement for example.
Channel movement up and down needs a quicker method such as drag and drop or select and scroll.
On the parallel analyzer, I would like to see some sample of the values even when zoomed out.
Print Screen, with traces and text converted from white to black would be welcome.
On the Parallel Analyzer, I would like to rename everything with the same base-name followed by incrementing numbers (starting # also my choice) in one step at setup.
Would like to view the value on a bus (seen by the Parallel Analyzer) at the cursor as well as at every clock.
Why not have multiple parallel analyzers on the same clock? Put the values on the top data bit instead of the clock. Why not have a 4-bit or 6-bit (arbitrary #-bit) parallel analyzer?
Sampling over long periods leads to slight inaccuracy in length of intervals. I need an exact count of the number of clocks over an arbitrarily long interval.
Values are hard to read from multiple traces. Color could be helpful - use a different shade for 1 vs. 0.
Need a method to output the values on a bus (parallel analyzer)to a spreadsheet , one row per clock. Have it: See Parallel Analyzer > Export.

  • swald
  • Jul 11 2018
  • Needs review