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Improvements to UI - Analyzers

If I have for example four Async Serial analyzers running and I want to adjust the settings in one of them there is no visual indication which is which. I have to go into the settings first, see which one it is, close it down and then try another until I find the one I want to change. It would be useful to have a way of seeing which analyzer relates to which input without having to open it and see.

Another improvement in the same area is removing analyzers, as it stands you need to go into the settings and click Remove Analyzer. If you are starting a new project and have several different analyzers running this takes a while, it would be useful to have a little Windows type X to click on to close it down without opening it first.


  • SimonJA
  • Jul 11 2018
  • Needs review
  • Mark Garrison commented
    July 11, 2018 20:29

    Hi Simon!

    Good news. First, you can edit the names of the analyzers. See the section titled "Edit the Analyzer Name" in the users guide here:
    When you edit the name of the analyzer, that new name will also show up on each channel label connected to that analyzer.

    Second, I agree, we should have an easy remove button. However I should say that right now we have a "remove all" button on the bottom of the add analyzers menu, which is the fastest way to remove all analyzers.
    I hope that helps!