2.4.9 Download Links

You might have noticed that 2.4.8 was just released. That release broke one of our protocol analyzers for some Linux users. 2.4.9 replaces that release. The changes listed below include all changes in 2.4.8 and 2.4.9.

This has been a long time coming! 2.4.7 Was released over 3 months ago. We’re happy to finally release native Apple Silicon support, as well as a trove of small improvements that have been piling up. We also spent a LOT of the last few months overhauling the build system for Logic 2, which has been holding us back for a while. While invisible to our users, these changes improve developer efficiency, as well as solve a few large issues we have been facing recently.

If you missed it, we recently released a new light theme. Learn more here. Feedback appreciated!

If you missed it, we recently released an automation API for Logic 2. You can learn more at Feedback appreciated!

What’s New

  • Native Apple Silicon Support! Note, you will need to download the Apple Silicon version from, the auto-updater will not automatically switch users from the x86_64 version to the Apple Silicon version.


  • Fixed bug where if you shrink the analyzer terminal, and then expand it again, some contents would be deleted.
  • Clarified tooltip description of trim pre-trigger data feature.
  • The about dialog now shows the app’s CPU architecture (x64 or arm64) and also indicates if it’s interpreted by Rosetta 2.
  • When you select a timing marker or measurement, with the measurements sidebar open, and that item is out of view, it will now be scrolled into view automatically.
  • When switching between tabs, your scroll position in the protocol data table is now preserved.
  • The analyzer settings dialog will now make sure that numeric entries like baud rate are within the allowed range.
  • The analyzer settings dialog now lets you completely delete a numeric entry, instead of always entering the value 0.
  • Added visible border between protocol results on the graph when they get very close. Before, they would blend together.
  • Turned off feature where the add analyzer menu would scroll when the mouse is moved near either end.
  • Increased the minimum distance between analyzer overlay markers (like start/stop bit indicators) to prevent them from piling up.
  • Updated to the last release of Electron 19, which brought in a few window manager fixes.
  • Made dialog scroll bars always visible to make them easy to find.
  • Removed the “padding” from the zoom to range feature. Now when you select a range to zoom to, you will get that exact range.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some analyzers didn’t load on older versions of MacOS. We support MacOS 10.14+.
  • Fixed the bug where keyboard shortcuts like left and right arrow were still active when the MacOS save or load dialog was open.
  • Fixed UI bug with the measurements comment box.
  • Fixed bug where unitless measurements would display the unit “undefined”.
  • Fixed issue where the scroll wheel would cause some numeric entries in the application to change value.
  • Fixed bug where the main horizontal scroll bar hover style would get “stuck” after use.
  • Fixed bug in 2.4.8 that broke the Atmel SWI analyzer for some Linux users.