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If you missed it, we recently released a new light theme. Learn more here. Feedback appreciated!

Also, if you missed it, we recently released an automation API for Logic 2. You can learn more at Feedback appreciated!


  • We rolled back the terminal color inversion we released with the new theme. Note, now when switching themes, we don’t re-color existing terminal contents, but new terminal contents will use the correct colors.
  • We added a “Dual Edge” option to the Simple Parallel Analyzer clock setting.
  • We added an experimental environment variable override to specify longer terminal scrollback limits.
  • set SALEAE_SCROLLBACK_LIMIT=1000000 for Windows.
  • export SALEAE_SCROLLBACK_LIMIT=1000000 for MacOS and Linux.
  • We reduced the minimum duration for “Trim data after stopping” from 10ms to 1us.
  • We rolled back our Linux build environment to Ubuntu 18.04, to restore support for Ubuntu 18.04. (reduces glibc requirement).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where pressing shift in some text fields caused the focus to be lost.
  • Fixed a bug in the JTAG analyzer when dealing with frames longer than 64 bits.
  • Fixed a theme related readability problem with the custom extension error message notification.
  • Improved our error handling for extension installation behind certain company firewalls.