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We’re still collecting feedback on the new light and dark themes we released in 2.4.2!

  • We would love to get your feedback!
  • Please report any issues you find, and include screenshots. This thread is a good place to post them.
  • We will hold back this release from auto-update until we are able to get more feedback, and fix any issues we may have missed.
  • For printing, we recommend disabling “color-match waveforms” in the preferences, so that all traces are black.
  • We didn’t add a built-in screenshot in Logic 2, because we think the built-in OS features are pretty great these days. That said, let us know if you would still like this feature.
    • on Windows 10/11, press windows key + shift + S to easily screenshot a region of the screen or an entire window.
    • On MacOS, use command + shift + 5, which offers even more features.


  • Support for several new HW revisions. Logic 8s and Logic Pro 16s shipped starting in December 2022 may require this SW release or newer. No changes that effect end users, we’re just continuing to ride the supply chain roller coaster.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with analyzer progress reporting for captures that have had their data trimmed.
  • We rolled our Linux build system back to Ubuntu 18. the releases, 2.4.1 and 2.4.2, were built with Ubuntu 20, which increased our minimum required glibc version, breaking the app for RedHat / Rocky Linux users, and similar distros.

In case you missed it, here is a quick sample of the new theme introduced in the last release.

imageimage1780×1197 247 KB