2.4.14 Download Links


It’s been a little while since the last release. Most of our development efforts continue to be focused on functionality we’re not ready to announce, and in the meantime, releases tend to be on the lighter side.

Thanks everyone for the feedback on the toolbar. We’ve reduced the toolbar height by a total of 36 pixels, by making the design more compact, and removing some recently added height from the timing display. As always, please leave your feedback!


  • Updated the toolbar and timing display at the top of the application to save space to display more channels at once.
  • Moved the device settings back into the sidebar.
  • Removed the lower-right corner menu. The top of window/top of screen menu is now the main menu.
  • Improved onboarding dialog for first time users.
  • Improved session placeholder, which is displayed when no tabs are open.
  • Added support for the latest hardware revision of the Logic 8. This is the last planned hardware revision change. Let’s all pray that we don’t see another supply chain shortage for a good long while.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with automation API where when calling the start capture command, the capture would not actually start until slightly after the command returned. This could lead to missing what you are looking for. Now the device is guaranteed to start recording before the start command returns.
  • Updated the Electron version, which among many small things improves rendering reliability on Linux.
  • Fixed a bug where on Linux the application would crash when recording 1 digital channel at 1 MS/s.