2.4.13 Download Links


Welcome to the 2.4.13 release of Logic! This release contains a lot of changes under the hood, especially to how we save and load files.

Older files will load just fine, but files saved with 2.4.13 will not load into older versions of Logic.

If you run into any troubles with the release, please be sure to let us know.

Also, thanks to many of you for the feedback on the UI changes in the last release! We’re reviewing that now and I expect to incorporate some of the feedback in the next release.

What’s New

  • Added support for the latest Logic Pro 8 hardware revision. This new revision use a slightly different FPGA part number, due to supply chain issues from last year.

Bug Fixes

  • Finally, we’ve fixed the Linux 4GB memory limit. We are now using a custom build of Electron on that platform to solve the issue.
  • We fixed 2 issues introduced in the last few releases
    • We fixed the crash when changing the IO voltage level on the original Logic 16.
    • We fixed the crash on Linux when opening the software with a device already attached.
  • This is only about 10% of the changes in this release. The other 90% of the changes should not be visible now, but were made in support of future functionality.