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This is a pretty small release - most of what we’ve been working on is still under development and not ready for release.

Logic Pro 16 Revision 10

This release includes support for the newest hardware revision of Logic Pro 16, revision 10.0.0. If you’re wondering what’s new, this hardware revision is another small change in a long list of small changes to deal with supply chain issues. That’s mostly behind us now, fortunately. If you’re curious, at the start of the supply chain shortage, Xilinx, the vendor who makes the FPGAs our devices previously used, completely shut down production of the Spartan 6 FPGA line. Very few FPGAs were available from any source at any price, but we managed to pull though by purchasing a wide variety of Lattice ECP5 FPGAs. All the FPGAs we bought are in the same package, but we had to buy a wide variety of speed grades and densities, since no single part number was available in the quantities we needed. Every time we change part number, we need to generate a new bitstream for the part, so a software update is required. Hardware revisions 4 through 10 are just this - slightly different FPGAs.

SmartScreen Notification

In addition, our code signing certificate for Windows expired recently, so this is the first release of the software with the new certificate. Normally this isn’t noteworthy, however Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, the system on Windows computers that protects the users from a wide variety of issues, operates on a “reputation” system. What that means is that software that was been signed with a new certificate that hasn’t been seen before will trigger the “Windows protected your PC” message, similar to the screen shown for unsigned software. This is annoying, and unfortunately will likely cause some confusion with this update.

If you see this screen, please let us know! We expect it to stop showing up pretty quickly.

To install the software, click “More Info”, and then “Run anyway”



You can manually validate the code signing certificate on the installer by right-clicking the installer and opening properties, then navigate to the “Digital Signatures” tab.


There you should see our signature, which you can select and open the details for:

Digital Signature Details

What’s New

  1. Support for Rev 10 Logic Pro 16 hardware. No actual change in functionality, this revision uses yet another slightly different FPGA model.

Bug Fixes

  1. Not a bug, but our code signing certificate for Windows expired recently, so we have replaced it with a new one. If you see a “Windows protected your PC” message, this is a byproduct of how new our code cert is. Microsoft tracks “reputation” for code signing certificates, and over time this message will go away.