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Thanks for all the feedback on the automation API! This release contains 2 bug fixes that came directly from user reports. It also includes support for a new hardware revision of Logic Pro 8 - nothing major, we just needed to change another component due to supply chain issues.

Quick reminder, starting with 2.4.0+, we’ve launched our new automation API for Logic 2! Learn more here. We would love to get your feedback on the automation API on this thread.


  • Support for Logic Pro 8 hardware Revision 6.0.0. No functional changes, this is just yet another revision change on the supply chain rollercoaster.

Bug Fixes

  • Automation API: Starting a capture immediately after opening the application would sometimes fail if all physical devices had not yet been detected. It now always waits for the initial scan to complete.
  • Automation API: Digital trigger linked channels were not being used in the trigger. This has been fixed.