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  • on 05-10-2020

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Logic 2.3.9 is a bug fix release, that covers several important CPU utilization bugs. Thanks to everyone who reported the problem, sent in captures, and worked with us to help find the root cause.

A quick note on the fix for the decoding problem with I2C and Parallel analyzers when decoding data as it is recorded. We were not able to directly reproduce the issue with I2C. If you see a problem where I2C results are missing, and extra start/stop bits are added instead of decoded bytes, please let us know! We're pretty sure it's fixed, but we haven't been able to verify it directly. The bug requires two things - one, it only occurs when running the I2C analyzer on a live capture. It does not occur if you run the I2C analyzer on data after recording is finished. Second, it is sensitive to the specific timing of the I2C data (possibly related to long delays between bytes, but we're not 100% sure). Also, if you've seen this issue in older releases, but not in 2.3.9, please let us know! As far as we can tell, this bug has been in the Logic 2 software at least all year, possibly since we added analyzers to Logic 2.

A note on CPU usage - you should see high CPU usage while analyzers are processing, and while data table indexing is performed. For an analyzer with 100,000 frames produces, indexing should take less than a minute after the analyzer finishes processing. We will be adding an indexing progress indication soon. Once indexing is complete, the CPU usage should drop.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed CPU utilization problem with I2C analyzer.
  • Fixed decoding problem with I2C and Parallel analyzers when decoding data as it is recorded.
  • Fixed CPU utilization problem that occurred when removing an analyzer.
  • Fixed CPU utilization problem regarding analyzer data table results population.