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What's New

  • Warning when a USB host controller driver is out of date and could cause device reliability problems.
  • Analog interactions toolbar to easily navigate the analog data
  • Mouse dragging of analog channels allows X and Y panning simultaneously (once a certain Y threshold is met)
  • New analog keyboard shortcuts - zoom, pan and fit
  • Scroll up and down the channels via space + scroll
  • New preferences menu


  • Improved channels context (right click) menu
  • Unsupported WebGL error handling
  • Show a notification on device disconnection instead of creating a new tab

Bug fixes

  • Missing analog calibration when loading a capture
  • Fixed bug where extensions would not load and updates would not download if the internet connection used a proxy.
  • Fixed bug where application would stop working properly after the system suspended and resumed.
  • Fixed bug when loading extensions from a non-ascii path.