What's New

  • Marquee zoom is now available on analog channels. Use Alt-Drag for XY Range Zoom or Ctrl-Drag Up/Down for Y (Voltage) Range Zoom or Ctrl-Drag Left/Right for X (Time) Range Zoom

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where extensions were unable to be published due to a mismatch with extension API versions
  • Fixed issue where timing marker comment box would flash when active timing marker was clicked
  • Fixed issue where Loading Existing Extensions and Save Raw Data paths were equivalent. They are now persisted separately.
  • Fixed issue where the active tab was not in view in the bottom tab bar when many tabs were open or when dragging and dropping many capture files


  • Improved rendering when resizing application window
  • When Exiting the app while Exporting Raw Data or Saving a Capture is in progress a dialog will appear to confirm exit. This is to prevent data from being corrupted by exiting the app while saving to disk.
  • Up/Down and Enter keys can be used in analyzer menu for selection