Windows - Linux - MacOS

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash on Linux where rapid disconnection and connection of a device would crash the application.
  • Fixed bugs with the selected measurement popover when the new measurements feature is enabled (ENABLE_MEASUREMENTS_V2).
  • Fixed the individual measurement delete X icon on the measurement popover, when the new measurements feature is enabled (ENABLE_MEASUREMENTS_V2).


  • Removed the unneeded channel count in the upper left corner.
  • Adjusted the display precision of the new measurement feature (ENABLE_MEASUREMENTS_V2).
  • Allow extensions to be installed when a capture is in progress. Previously, the extensions sidebar was disabled.

Linux Users: We have seen a number of recent reports of application crashes caused by the bug above. However, it's likely that there is still an unsolved root cause where our devices will disconnect and reconnect to the system unexpectedly. If you observe this, we would appreciate it if you wrote into support or posted on with a copy of the last dozen or so messages from dmesg.