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Measurement API

Note: We have fixed the issue blocking users from previewing this API

We’ve expanded the capabilities of the Measurement API with a focus on Analog channels as part of a longer term product development plan to help our customers verify, debug and test analog problems such as signal integrity issues and much more. Please keep in mind that this API is a preview-release, and we're planning on making breaking changes before it's finalized. Because of this, measurements utilizing the new API can't be published to the marketplace. We’d love to hear your feedback on these changes.

  • Measurements now include the ability to display an annotation to help visually aid in the understanding of a measurement. We currently support showing or hiding annotations for all measurements enabled for a range.
  • Each range can have its own set of measurements
  • We’ve updated the styling of measurements in the sidebar
  • The measurement API has new capabilities. More details can be found here

Note: In order to test the new capabilities of the Measurement API you will need to set an environment variable in your shell or command prompt and start the app from the terminal.

Windows: If using Command Prompt:

C:Program FilesLogicLogic.exe

If using Powershell:

C:Program FilesLogicLogic.exe






  • When switching tabs the name will appear in the window title
  • Added ability to select text in release notes to allow for copy and paste

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where app would crash when enabling the preview version of the Measurement API
  • Fixed bug where errors would be thrown for the new measurement extension