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Breaking Changes

  • ASCII display formatting for all analyzers has changed. Now, non-displayable ASCII characters will be displayed as their hex escape sequence, instead of falling back to base 10 display. For example, the character 0x1C, which is not displayable, previously would be shown as '28', but now will be shown as x1C. This affects all protocol decoders and their export files when the ASCII display radix is selected. We also fixed the COMMA problem, it will now be shown as , in the application, however in exports it will still be replaced with COMMA until we eventually replace the protocol export system with one that is CSV safe.

What’s New

  • Support for loading custom Low Level Analyzers
  • Highlight analyzer result on graph when jumping to it via the data table
  • Warning when a Logic Pro device is connected via USB 2.0


    • Removed the "Address Display" setting from the I2C analyzer to match the data table and trigger
    • Added tooltips for session names that do not fit the tab width

      Bug fixes

      • Fix analyzer trigger flickering issue