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Windows - Linux - MacOS

What’s New

  • Reset channel names via the right-click menu
  • Show a tooltip with the channel name when hovering over the channel number


  • Added ellipsis and a tooltip to long analyzer settings names
  • Drop incoming triggers after stopping a capture
  • Better handling of WebGL errors
  • Added support links for various errors
  • Consistent UI for all time inputs
  • Export dialog - Added a warning and a link to the docs
  • Switch to the table pane when jumping to a bubble
  • All dialogs now support closing via Esc

Bug fixes

    • Fixed timing display bar values
    • Use correct capture settings when switching and closing tabs
    • Possible fix for config storage package
    • Fixed terminal scroll handler
    • Fixed regression: Multi-bubble tooltip back
    • Fixed regression: Support mouse interaction below the channels region
    • Analyzer trigger error on setup
    • Ignore right-clicks when updating a measurement
    • Fix calculation of Python AnalogData times