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  • Jump to the beginning or end of the data table using Home and End keys when hovering over the data table
  • Pan to the beginning or end of the capture using Home and End keys when hovering over the graph area
  • Full Zoom Out is now mapped to Page Down and Full Zoom In has been added and mapped to Page Up
  • Removed leading zeros from time bar labels making it easier to read when looking at trigger relative time
  • Improved formatting of analog voltage labels to improve readability
  • Improved rendering performance for long stretches of logic high or low signals
  • Added ability to opt out of crash reporting and app analytics on 1st install. You can always disable/enable these via preferences at any time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where analyzer exports timestamps were not correctly exported
  • Fixed bug where raw data export timestamps would not line up with the capture timestamps
  • Fixed bug where preset saved channel labels are lost when loaded. Previously saved preset could still have issues so re-save your preset after correcting the channel labels.
  • Wall clock time will always appear at the beginning of the capture even if data was trimmed
  • Fixed bug where you could not drag the timeline by the triangle under the digital trigger indicator