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  • It's now possible to change tabs while a save or export is in progress
  • Made the X button on tabs a little smaller, to reduce accidental clicks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug that could cause application lockup when lots of analyzers are used on long recordings, where the system became memory starved.
  • Fixed bug related to analyzer export when multiple analyzers are present
  • Removed analyzer-specific export for MDIO, CAN, and LIN analyzers. These analyzers can be exported using the data table only.
  • Detect case where analyzers get stuck due to bug with data deletion when analyzers haven't made progress. The UI now shows a notification and provides a restart button.
  • Fixed bug that could occur when trying to start a new capture while a capture is still starting up.
  • Fixed bug in analyzer trigger, it wasn't working at all for some analyzers when using decimal display radix.