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What's New

  • Access and discover shortcuts via the command palette (Crtl-P or CMD-P)


  • Improvements to HDMI-CEC analyzer (thanks to guzu)
  • Updated Raw Data Export dialog layout with digital channels listed first & added all / none buttons to make it easier to filter channels
  • LLAs using the AddChannelBubblesWillAppearOn API call will no longer see empty bubbles
  • Analyzer bubbles now show 400 characters, helping you to see more of your data on screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where you could try to load a preset on a tab that didn't have a valid device
  • Fixed issue where very early (late 2014-early 2015) Logic 8s would have about 10% voltage error. Only a few hundred units affected.
  • Fix Raw Export Dialog showing incorrect analog sample when capturing with an analog sample rate of 31.25 kS/s or below.
  • Fixed bug where pressing Ctrl+A or Ctrl+C in the analyzer terminal would scroll the terminal to the bottom