## Download Links

[Windows]( - [Linux]( - [MacOS](

## What's New

- Show and Hide channels (via right-click menu)


- Big red warning when capturing without any connected device

- Show and Hide data table columns (via right-click menu on the header)

- Added high level analyzer support to the 1-Wire analyzer. [documentation](

- Improved data table support for Manchester, 1-Wire, CAN, LIN, Parallel, and Async RGB LED analyzers.

- High Level Analyzer results are now shown in the data table

## Improvements

- Nested context menu for instantaneous measurements

- Show High and Low markers on digital channels

- Expand digital graph height when measurements are disabled (no gutters)

## Bug fixes

- Improved logging for application hangups

- Fix infinite loop problem with High Level Analyzers on MacOS

- Fix bug where High Level Analyzers display strings would not properly format on first use