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Note: We are holding off on auto-updating to this version until we see the how our error rate changes. Please download and use this version to help us gather stability metrics.

2.3.17 was a tremendous under-the-hood effort. This probably affected more functionality in the application than any recent previous release. Please let us know if you have any trouble with it at all!

We've spent over a week manually testing every feature to ensure the most stable experience possible.

What's New

  • We don't select simulation devices by default! No more confusion around real devices vs. simulation devices
  • New about dialog
  • New device information dialog


  • Device selection moved to sidebar
  • New sidebar icon for device settings
  • Huge under the hood refactor of session management
  • Huge under the hood refactor of device management
  • Improved application responsiveness when closing tabs with large amounts of data

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where click & dragging on a timing marker context menu would move the marker
  • Reloading a local extension will now properly cause all instances of the extension to re-run with the latest source
  • Fixed issue with SPI analyzer when trailing edge of last bit occurred after enable de-assertion (non-standard)
  • Logic16 (original, discontinued 2014) IO voltage support selection fixed
  • Fix issue where some results are missing from the analyzer results table for very sparse protocol data