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Logic 2.3.10 is a nice mix of big new data-table features (export, select & copy to clipboard) as well as some solid bug fixes and improvements. Let us know what you think!

What’s New

  • Analyzer Data Table export.
  • Analyzer Data Table select & copy to clipboard. (excel / sheets compatible!)
  • Analyzer Data Table indexing percentage display.


  • Analyzer Data Table settings (selected analyzers, searched columns, hidden columns) are now saved in presets and saved files properly.
  • Improved ctrl/cmd clicking a protocol bubble jumping to the result in the data table.
  • Improved preset dialog to support replacing presets.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs related to removing and adding analyzers to a session.


Data table indexing progress

Jumping from bubble to table now checks if the result was indexed and if it matches the current query

Presets are much easier to manage with a single menu item and an improved dialog

Select, and copy paste data table rows

Data table export to CSV