Windows - Linux - MacOS

What’s New

  • Added a “reset to default” button to the presets manager


  • When saving HLA settings, restart the analyzer if there was a change
  • Updated the terminal library to the latest
  • Reset analog zoom & pan settings when changing between different device types
  • HLA error message now makes it clear when not subclassing HighLevelAnalyzer

Bug fixes

  • Fixed serious crash for Logic 4 users
  • Handle loading a file with missing extensions
  • Handle loading a file with disabled extensions
  • Detect graphic cards that don’t supported webGL
  • Fixed terminal hangup when writing too many characters at once from HLAs
  • (Hopefully) fixed error related to missing device IDs
  • Fixed bug where sometimes extension installs would fail on the first attempt
  • Fixed bug where changing between the original Logic and a new device could break the analog display
  • Improved reporting and handling of internal errors after system sleep/resume