Introducing The Saleae Logic 2 Extension Marketplace!

Windows - Linux - MacOS

Breaking Changes

  • Small changes to the python measurement extension API - Documentation
  • Sweeping changes to the python high level analyzer API, please update your HLAs now - Documentation
  • Changes to the Serial, I2C analyzer outputs have changed and will break python HLAs - Serial, I2C

What’s new

  • Added a marketplace for sharing custom python analyzers and measurements!
  • Onboarding for new and existing users
2020-06-12 10.29.342020-06-12 10.29.341198×783 3.95 MB


  • Make HLA errors selectable and keep only the latest per HLA
  • 5 more analyzers can now connect to Python high-level analyzers! CAN, Manchester, Parallel, LIN, and LED - Documentation
  • SPI analyzer output format has been expanded to include enable/disable events, affecting python HLAs - Documentation

Bug fixes

  • Limit app zoom factor to positive values!
  • Don’t show new version notification when opening the about dialog