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2.2.7 brings dramatic performance improvements to digital capture processing and digital rendering! Our aim was to get the software to run smoothly when recording digital signals near the limit of the devices’ performance. Digital data processing is now 10x faster, meaning fewer “backlogged” captures!

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Reminder: releases now include a new interface for writing high-level protocol decoders in Python. Check out the documentation here:

Bug Fixes:

  • Timing markers now snap to digital transitions again
  • saved calibration files are now loaded properly when offline
  • analyzer export now respects the currently selected display radix, instead of always exportin ASCII.
  • Custom protocol analyzers: if no results are added GenerateFrameTabularText, the frame is now hidden from the protocol results list view
  • Traces color now update immediately on change

Behind the scenes:

  • detailed performance instrumentation
  • significantly improved UI performance in live mode (5-10x)
  • dramatically improved processing performance of digital data (10x)
  • dramatically improved rendering performance of digital data (3x)
  • migrated analyzer management to a better state management system
  • refactored processing state updates from the data processing system


  • Custom protocol analyzers that have a “FilePath” or “FolderPath” TextSetting now have UI to select files or folders
  • press Ctrl+0 to reset text zoom (ctrl +/- zooms text size)
  • Cmd/ctrl+click on a decoded protocol result opens the analyzer sidebar tab and scrolls to that result