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  • on 11-03-2020

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Python high-level analyzers are finally here! We haven’t polished the feature at all yet, so expect a lot of changes and improvements over the next few weeks. Please post your issues, your suggestions for improvements, and please share the high-level analyzers you write!

Documentation and examples can be found here:

What’s new

  • High-Level Analyzer Extensions! You can now write a short Python script and process decoded protocol results - change the text, merge multiple results, filter or create new results from scratch.
  • Added an RMS analog measurement and digital clock frequency measurements - Python measurements are coming soon!
  • Analyzer Export

Bug fixes

  • Right-click analyzer text will now open its menu
  • Stream to terminal button is now working properly
  • Behind the scenes: performance tracing, integration tests, dll downloads, channel reordering refactor

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