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What's new

  • Timing units - all time-related values are now automatically formatted to the most appropriate unit (s, ms, us, ns)
  • Auto-open timing marker's note on creation (click on enter to close)
  • Digital trigger marker - Bright yellow marker to easily find the trigger and arrows to jump to it when its offscreen
  • Jump to digital trigger keyboard shortcut
  • Display custom device name
  • New extension message


  • Icons for terminal and data table
  • Glitch filter value is now in seconds
  • Allowing timing pairs to flip positions (left <> right)
  • Protocol analyzers are over 50% faster

Bug fixes

  • Trim dialog bugs
  • fixed memory leaks related to protocol analyzers
  • Better handling of calibration errors
  • Device switching failure
  • Keyboard combinations that include the shift button (e.g. screenshots) won't initiate a new measurement
  • Don't open the keyboard shortcuts menu when typing "?" in the feedback window
  • Crash when protocol frames contained no content