As a result of the feedback we received from our community, the main theme of this release is performance and stability improvement. The app is now faster and lighter 🚀

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What's new

  • Schema validations - validate local store data when upgrading the app, and reset to default on failure
  • Analyzer's color picker - click on the color indicator and pick a new color
  • High-level analyzers inline documentation
  • All application main menu items are now also available on the top menu bar
  • New user feedback dialog - Draw on screen to suggest an idea or select a region to mark a bug


  • data table infrastructure - Elasticsearch was a constant pain, mainly for Windows users. We replaced it with a faster and more stable DB (RocksDB). Cmd/ctrl+click on a graph result was removed temporarily. The data table currently supports only Async Serial, I2C and SPI. We'll add the rest of the analyzers soon.
  • Terminal - Faster and lighter (CPU wise) streaming of analyzer results. Async serial, SPI and I2C output looks great now :)
  • Digital trigger performance improved significantly and we can now keep up with most 10MHz signals
  • Analyzers are now 5-10X faster - we can keep up with most 10MHz signals
  • Digital edges snapping threshold was reduced to support dense data
  • App size was reduced by half (!)

Bug fixes

  • High-level analyzers - restore position and name correctly, when launching the app, loading a file or restarting a capture
  • Hard crash in analyzers was fixed
  • Analyzers - keep settings correctly between runs
  • Data management - Redux was replaced with MobX to improve app stability and performance
  • Fixed crash when analyzer result tooltip includes a very long text
  • Disable zoom in/out keyboard shortcuts in text areas
  • Feedback dialog was randomly causing the CPU usage to jump to 100%