Y scale function for analog trace


It would be nice if I could elect a log scale for the Y axis on analog traces. Other functions might be nice as well.


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z4gunn Jul 11, 2018
The limited input voltage range on the Saleae is forcing me to create off-board attenuation network for signals greater than 10V. It would be very nice to apply a correction factor to the Y scale on the analog waveform so that the levels are displayed correctly on graph.

Newer hardware should also be able to handle higher voltages. For example the Tech Tools DV-509 9 channel / 500Msps unit ($479) can handle +/- 20 volts.

Skye Jul 11, 2018
Although the automatic vertical scaling is nice, sometimes you need a fixed scale. This allows you to visually compare traces and not have to read off voltages. Combine this in the dialog box to select Log!

Ovidiu Jul 11, 2018
It would be better if I could select the best scale fit to my needs (min, max) for the Y axis on analog traces.

cammint Jul 11, 2018
Jim - Referring to your own comment upon:


one could achieve this by taking the log of the Y-value!
(OK, I grant you having a simple UI option to set a log scale would be easier.)