WS2812 Protocol Analyzer

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Add protocol analyzer for the WS2812, a.k.a. NeoPixel etc, RGB LED's.


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Guest Jul 11, 2018
Could you send your capture file to Guest? I'd like to take a look and see what could be going wrong. Sorry about that.

franekz Jul 11, 2018
I have one problem only. It does not show the last sequence

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Over the weekend, we ended up building both of the open source WS2812 analyzers from github:

I've forked these repos, made a few changes to make them easier for us to cross platform build here at Saleae, and then added releases for both of them, for all 3 platforms. You can download the releases here:

To install, first download and extract the attached zip file. Then locate the correct file (*.dll, *.so, or *.dylib, depending on your platform) and paste them into the software's Analyzer directory here:
Windows: C:Program FilesSaleae IncAnalyzers
Linux: The Analyzers folder is in the same directory as the Logic binary.
MacOS: /Applications/Logic.app/Contents/Resources/Analyzers/
Alternatively, instead you could paste the two libraries for your platform into a new folder, and then tell the Saleae software to look for 3rd party Analyzers in that directory. To do so, open the options menu, select preferences, and go to the developer tab. At the top, browse to the new folder you created, and save the settings.
In either case, you will need to restart the software before the new analyzers will appear.
If you have any problems with the analyzers, please write into support as well as open an issue on the github repo.

alanwangwang Jul 11, 2018
Now i think WS2813 is much better than WS2812, You can have a look www.szledcolor.com/download/WS2812B%20VS%20WS2813.pdf

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
I agree. Looking around, I did find an open source analyzer plugin for the WS2812: github.com/monkbroc/neopixel-saleae
I'm not sure how similar the protocols are, but it might be possible to modify this analyzer to support other LED protocols.

Bill Rau Jul 11, 2018
Actually I would love it if there were support for several of the WorldSemi LEDs and Controller ICs such as the WS2801, WS2811, WS2813, and WS2818S. I have quite a few WS2801 LED Driver ICs and the ability to be sure my uChip PIC programs were sending valid data would be great.