Write a USB protocol analyzer

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USB, at least at 1.5 Mbit and 12 Mbit, would be pretty easy to add analyzers for. 480 Mbit might be harder, even for the Pro (but it would be sweet!)
There is a suggestion that conflates HDMI and USB into a single suggestion. I think USB is much more generally useful, so here's voting for that!


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KurtE Jul 11, 2018
I recently learned about USB LS and FS analyzer and have been using it to help me to add some support for the Teensy 3.6 to host USB devices.

What would help me here, is what I have been doing is do a capture and in the decoded protocol area, type in the search box: bmRequest which gives me a pretty complete list of the packets I need to look at.

But I then have to go look at each one. I wish there was a report option which showed me:
bmRequestType, bRequest, wValue, wIndex, and wLength

As an added bonus I wih that if wLength was not 0, it would try to flag the values either sent or returned.

Currently I am doing this very manually. I export search results to a .csv file, I then one by one, click on the reports found, then usually have to zoom in and out some to get the different fields and then search after to see if I can find the data bytes.

Guest Jul 11, 2018
Is this something you could accomplish with our built in USB LS and FS analyzer? 480 Mbit is something we'd love to have support for in the future! Unfortunately, the bitrate is just too fast for our Logic Pro 8 and Pro 16 to capture effectively.