UTC timestamps like i.e. within wireshark


I frequently have to compare/combine capture files from Logic, wireshark (network packet sniffer) and a spectrum analyzer - for this I export the captures to Excel.

Now my issue is that the Logics timestamp is just a counter of (sub-) seconds starting at 0 when the capture starts and the other two outputs have UTC timestamps which are easily to get in synch for analyzing.
To get Logics output in synch with the other outputs, I have to manually figure out at what time the capture started (which is not logged anywhere within the capture file) and count the seconds until I have found the start time of the other outputs.
I wondered if Logic could also provide that within a capture file or export?
Logging the capture start time in the capture file would be a great improvement.

Thanks, Martin


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Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Thanks for the feedback! We would appreciate feedback on how accurate this needs to be (+/- 100ms, +/- 1ms, +/- 1us, etc) . Also, please take at this related feature, where we discuss basically the same thing:

great_scandinavian Jul 11, 2018
Same here!!!

Record sample UTC time and add UTC Horizontal ruler tape, so multiple logs sources, such as CLI output can be compared time wise.

We are IoT Cloud service which often receives sample log files from our customers which uses your tool however we never know at which exact time for example a given frame was sampled. We would like to be able to feed your Decoder CSV export into a in-house tool which could use UTC time metadata to sync the received files against other log sources, such as console output files or internal Cloud back-end logs.

Guest Dec 13, 2018
There are three of us here as well that would like this feature. I think we can sort of 'hack' it by using the saleae cli, and just printing a timestamp out before calling the program, but I can't imagine that's very precise, better than nothing though.

Having millisecond accuracy (+/-1ms) or better would be good, but I know that is not always easy without a GPS disciplined NTP server.

Thanks for the great software!