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The colors in the user interface look nice, but sometimes it is hard to read because of the low contrast. This is the thing I'm most annoyed and really decreases usability. Yes, the user interface look stylish, but usability has higher priority. On my Notebook I have to set display brightness to maximum to view some parts of the user interface in a reasonable way. And it is not a display which is dark in general. Logic Software is the only software I am increasing the display brightness using the notebook indoors. Why not add the possibility to select different color schemes or even define my own (high contrast) insteads of using shades of gray?


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BMel Jul 11, 2018
Please adjust the color scheme, or allow us to set colors. The default low-contrast colors give me eyestrain when using your software for long lengths of time.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
jim, you can do that now - in the preferences, go to the Interaction tab, and select "Use color" in the section "Use color for digital trace".

jimfred Jul 11, 2018
I would like to change line color to match probe/wire colors.

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018
Clay, please vote for this here too:
And yes, that feature is desperately needed and long overdue.

Clay Jul 11, 2018
Great device however there should be a way of altering the color so that a screenshot can be pasted into a document from the clipboard with white background and black signals instead of the other way around. Currently uses too much printer toner and would be easier to see.

eth1 Jul 11, 2018
I agree, gray-on-gray can be really hard to read on a notebook screen. Please at least give us an option to change the trace & background colors.

Bianca Jul 11, 2018
I would like to be able to switch to a white backgroud. I think the dark background is so gloomy and dismal.

But otherwise, the Saleae Logic SW is very good.


TheWillows Jul 11, 2018
White background would be very nice. For instance. If you now use the very helpfull!! screenshot mode.
The background is dark. So if you print it out on paper it gets hard to read and your printer puts out a lot of unnessesary ink.. So a BIG ++3 for this feature.. If only you could change the main background color to white..

Quatrus Jul 11, 2018
I also miss the possibility to change the color of traces and the background. To use a snapshot for documentation I had to process it first in an image editor. In the latest version (1.2.5) the traces are all light gray - now it is easier to get reasonable contrast.
I think the "theme approach" is also a good option

Charles.Osborn Jul 11, 2018
The visual interface needs to be more acceptable for documentation software, ability to make signals thick, background white! Or just ability to capture as black and white snapshot! Biggest complaint in my documentation was not able to view snapshot's in a document. But on computer, zoomed in signals were more viewable.

mark131271 Jul 11, 2018
I subscribe to this issue. It is necessary to add the ability to select the color for the Trace.

pk Jul 11, 2018
Perhaps a theme approach - use white background with choice of colors and line width for the traces?

Guest Mar 22, 2019
if you're attempting to use the app on a second monitor not directly in front of you, those shades of gray lose contrast and become hard to read.

Guest Mar 22, 2019
if you're attempting to use the app on a second monitor not directly in front of you, those shades of gray lose contrast and become hard to read.