USB Oscilloscope with faster sample rate and wider bandwidth


I currently need a USB oscilloscope which can capture long time durations with sufficient detail. Logic PRO does not have a fast enough sample rate nor wide enough analog bandwidth for my needs (on this project).

There is nothing that I can find on the market for lets say 2 channel which streams to the PC for storage with a high sample rate and decent bandwidth. I know this is not a normal persons use but there have been several projects which would require this thus far and I have been limited by all of the oscilloscope capture depth.

My last project I was using a 1 wire device and I was lucky that I could use the logic 16 and only care about the digital level and ignore the rest of the analog information but that information is critical at times. (especially when you are trying to bus power your 1 wire device you need to be able to see the voltage level not just high or low)

I would also need this oscilloscope to be able to interface to your GUI and have a way to decode the analog waveforms rather than trying to decode things in the digital domain. For example decoding ASK modulation which would not show up in a digital domain logic analyzer.


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JohanP Jul 11, 2018
I have this one fanyit.com/review/hantek-best-usb-oscilloscope-review/
if you like try with this may be will e good for you

Adrian-Autoliv Jul 11, 2018
That doesn't sound like Saleae's focus. If you need such a high-end oscilloscope:


Jan Kok Jul 11, 2018
The data can be greatly compressed, to about 2 bits/sample for each channel, for the common case where the signal is not constantly and rapidly changing. Use a 2-bit code: 0=no change 1= signal changed by +1 count, 3=signal changed by -1 count, 2= signal changed by some other amount, described by next 4 bits...

drbartling Jul 11, 2018
Lets's say you want 50MHz scope, 2ch 8-bit. to stream over USB3.0.
Data rate is 5Gb/s or ~600MB/s.

Let's cut that in half since other devices need the bus and windows (or any OS) doesn't stream from 1 device at anywhere near 100% of the full data rate.
300MBs/sec gives us a maximum data stream of 300 MSPS - overhead, so lets chop in half again.
150MSPS accross 2 channels gives us 75MSPS per channel.
For a 50MHz scope you would want a minimum of 200MSPS but most would like 500MSPS

Let's look at that 150MSPS, storred as ASCII (CSV), that expands to 1.2GB/s for a comma, carriage return and 3 digits for raw ADC counts. (more for having neatly converted numbers with units).

To store 1 minute of data would take 72GB.