Is there a way to trim the large logic data files? Because we are capturing data to identify when the problem happens. We are interested only in the last few minutes of data.
We will save emailing hundreds of Mega bytes. If trimmed, it will become few MBs .logicdata


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CoreyMac Jul 11, 2018
Agreed. the great feature of a large capture buffer is very valuable, but the inability to manage the capture afterwards seems like you are somewhat diluting the value of the feature. Laptops for field work do not always have the huge memory and processor performance to manipulate such large in-memory objects.

There seem to be several features/ideas here that are basically the same feature request.

Bryce Nesbitt Jul 11, 2018
Found this Saleae blog post on trimming or cropping a capture buffer:

I'd like to use the feature right now :-).

Mark Garrison Jul 11, 2018

In the short term, please take a look at using Bookmarks and timing markers to navigate data quickly, as well as some of the more advanced navigation features, like go to next transition or go to next matching trigger event, or shift+click+drag to zoom to range.

J0erg Jul 11, 2018
I really love my logic pro16, but with USB 3 we are tracing much data and this feature is really, really what is missing most.

Just a delete before marker and delete after marker would be really great

Joe Garrison May 23, 2019
The way we're planning on solving this now is with "extract to new tab" which could, for example, extract just what's on the current screen to a new tab. You can follow along with our progress at discuss.saleae.com

Bob Sep 19, 2019
All of the links below are broken, and I'm curious to read these articles. Do they still exist somewhere? If so, where?

Also, this is the second time I' writing this comment, as it asked for my email address and re-directed me to login when I tried the first time (even though I thought I was already logged in).

Tim Reyes Sep 19, 2019
Sorry about that! I just fixed the links in the previous comments.